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Seeking Legal Representation for DUI Charges: A Guide for You

If you're facing DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charges, you’re at a critical juncture that can significantly impact your life. Understanding the gravity of your situation is the first step towards navigating these turbulent waters. DUI charges, encompassing driving while impaired (DWI), driving while intoxicated, and impaired driving, are among the most severe traffic offences in Ontario and across Canada. The implications extend far beyond potential accidents; they can lead to substantial fines, imprisonment, loss of driving privileges, employment challenges, and a lasting criminal record.

This guide is designed to help you, the individual confronting these charges, understand the importance of seeking specialized legal representation. The right lawyer can be your strongest ally, offering not just legal defence but also peace of mind during a profoundly stressful time. Here, we outline what constitutes a DUI charge in Ontario, the consequences you might face, and how our legal advisory services can support and guide you towards the best possible outcome.

Understanding Your DUI Charge

What is Considered a DUI in Ontario?

In Ontario, a DUI charge can be leveled against you if you're found operating or assisting in the operation of a motor vehicle, aircraft, railway equipment, or vessel under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination thereof. The legal framework, as defined by section 320(14) of the Criminal Law of Canada, stipulates that you commit an offence if:

  1. Your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) exceeds 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. However, you can also face charges within the "warn range" of 50 to 79 mg, where penalties, though less severe, still carry significant consequences.
  2. Your ability to operate was impaired by alcohol or drugs to any degree, which means even if your BAC is below the legal limit, the mere evidence of impairment can result in a DUI charge.

Legal Blood Substance Limits:

  • For alcohol: A BAC of 80 mg or more per 100 ml of blood.
  • For cannabis (THC): 2 ng (less serious offence) and 5 ng (more serious offence) per ml of blood.
  • For cannabis and alcohol combined: 50mg of alcohol per 100ml blood and 2.5 ng of THC per ml of blood.
  • For other drugs: Any detectable amount of substances like psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, psilocin, PCP, cocaine, methamphetamine, or 6-mam.

Understanding these legal thresholds is crucial because exceeding these levels, or showing any degree of impairment, can have grave legal repercussions. The severity of penalties escalates with the amount of substance detected in your system, signaling the law’s stringent stance against impaired driving.

The Consequences You're Up Against

Facing a DUI charge in Ontario carries immediate and long-lasting repercussions that can alter the course of your life. It's crucial to understand these consequences in full to grasp the seriousness of your situation and the importance of a robust legal defense.

Immediate Highway Traffic Act Penalties

Upon being charged with a DUI, you're subject to immediate penalties under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, which are designed to act swiftly and decisively. These include:

  • 90-Day Roadside Licence Suspension: An almost immediate suspension of your driving privileges, emphasizing the severity of the charge.
  • 7-Day Vehicle Seizure: Your vehicle will be impounded, adding a logistical and financial burden to your situation.
  • Financial Penalties: A fine of $550, alongside additional expenditures such as the licence reinstatement fee, significantly impacts your financial standing.

For repeat offenders, the penalties escalate, incorporating mandatory education or treatment programs and the installation of an ignition interlock device for a determined period.

Long-term DUI Penalties Upon Conviction

The long-term consequences following a conviction are even more daunting, affecting not only your freedom and finances but also your future:

  • Driver’s Licence Suspension: Varying from one year to a lifetime suspension, depending on the number of convictions.
  • Mandatory Programs: Education or treatment programs become a condition of reinstatement, at your expense.
  • Ignition Interlock Device: A requirement that adds a layer of complexity and cost to regaining your driving privileges.
  • Insurance Premiums: A conviction brands you as a high-risk driver, potentially skyrocketing your insurance costs or leading to policy cancellation.

Criminal Code DUI Penalties

Under the Criminal Code, the stakes are even higher, with penalties that include a criminal record, mandatory imprisonment for repeat offences, and substantial fines. These consequences extend beyond the immediate legal and financial penalties, affecting your employment opportunities, international travel capabilities, and more.

How We Support You Through the Legal Process

Navigating the aftermath of a DUI charge demands expert legal counsel and representation. Our services are designed to offer comprehensive support through every phase of the legal process, ensuring your rights are protected and your case is presented as strongly as possible.

Choosing the Right Legal Representation

The foundation of a strong defence begins with selecting an experienced DUI lawyer. Our team is comprised of skilled professionals who possess a deep understanding of Ontario's DUI laws and a track record of successfully defending clients. We focus on:

  • Strategic Defence Development: Tailoring our approach based on the specifics of your case to explore all avenues for charge reduction or dismissal.
  • Negotiation and Advocacy: Leveraging our negotiation skills to mitigate penalties and advocating for you at every court appearance.

Navigating the Legal System

The legal system can be intimidating and complex, especially for those unfamiliar with its nuances. Our role includes:

  • Guidance and Education: Helping you understand the legal implications of your charge and the processes involved in fighting it.
  • Court Representation: Standing by your side in court, presenting your case with the aim of achieving the most favorable outcome.
  • Mitigation of Penalties: Where charges cannot be dismissed, working diligently to reduce the impact on your life.

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  • Step 3: Professional representation in court, aiming for the best possible outcome.

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"Bob, I can't express enough gratitude for your outstanding help with my speeding ticket. Thanks to your expertise, my case was not only successfully withdrawn but also came with the added bonus of no demerit points. I'll be wholeheartedly recommending your services to my family and friends. Your assistance has been truly invaluable. Thank you once again for your exceptional support."


While visiting Ottawa I was charged with careless driving. I was emotionally devastated as it was my first ticket in almost 40 years. My initial thought had been to just pay the fine until I realized that it came with six demerit points and a whole host of other issues. I called TTAS and Bob responded quickly. He was able to put me at ease immediately. I chose TTAS because of Bob and his knowledge and experience with Ottawa. He took over and I truly was able to put the issue to the back of my mind until Bob called with a very favourable result (no demerit points, no insurance impact).


I had been travelling from Toronto to Ottawa and wouldn't have been able to represent myself in court for a speeding ticket without driving another 7 hours back up to Ottawa. This drive has long stretches of single lane roads and unfortunately while speeding up to make a pass I was pulled over. I found TTAS via google search, read some of the reviews, and decided to trust Bob and his team with my case. Rest assured, contacting Bob was a great decision, he is responsive, professional, competent in his work, and delivered fantastic results. Highly recommended for anyone looking for representation in traffic court!

Matthew Marangoni

I had been travelling from Toronto to Ottawa and wouldn't have been able to represent myself in court for a speeding ticket without driving another 7 hours back up to Ottawa. This drive has long stretches of single lane roads and unfortunately while speeding up to make a pass I was pulled over. I found TTAS via google search, read some of the reviews, and decided to trust Bob and his team with my case. Rest assured, contacting Bob was a great decision, he is responsive, professional, competent in his work, and delivered fantastic results. Highly recommended for anyone looking for representation in traffic court!

Matthew Marangoni

I couldn't be happier with the service that I received from TTAS. I had the pleasure of dealing with Bob, and was incredibly impressed with his professionalism and more importantly the results he achieved. They managed to accomplish the exact results that I was hoping for, and did it in a fraction of the time I expected it to take. I would use their services again in a heartbeat and would recommend them highly to anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation. It was worth three times the amount that it actually cost me. I am incredibly grateful and extremely happy that I found them online.

William Edwards

Bob is an excellent lawyer and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a legal professional to represent their best interests in a court of law. As someone who is a layman to the legal system, Bob did an excellent job in walking me through the legal process and handled the defence of my case as well as could have been hoped for. He has likely saved me thousands of dollars in potential insurance fees, therefore his service more than paid for itself. If you're ever in an unlucky situation like I found myself in, don't make the mistake of representing yourself: Better Call Bob!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about fighting DUI charges? You're in the right place. Our FAQs provide insights into common concerns and how TTAS can assist you.

What is Ontario's legal alcohol limit for driving?

In Ontario, the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood. This is the threshold at which driving becomes a criminal offence under Canadian law. Additionally, there is a "warn range" for BAC levels between 50 to 79 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood. Drivers within this range may not face criminal charges but can still be subject to administrative penalties, including short-term license suspensions and fines.

Can you go to jail for a DUI in Ontario?

Yes, incarceration is a potential consequence of a DUI conviction in Ontario, particularly for repeat offenders. For a first-time DUI offense, penalties typically include fines and license suspensions, but jail time becomes more likely with subsequent convictions. Specifically, a second DUI conviction may result in a minimum of 30 days in jail, and the penalties escalate from there.

Is DUI considered a criminal offence in Canada?

Yes, driving under the influence (DUI) is classified as a criminal offence in Canada. This categorization applies the moment an individual is convicted of DUI in court. Being charged with DUI signifies facing serious criminal allegations, which, upon conviction, lead to a criminal record. This record can have wide-ranging impacts on one's life, including employment opportunities and travel restrictions.

How much does a DUI cost in Ontario?

The financial cost of a DUI conviction in Ontario is substantial and extends beyond the initial fines, which start at $1,000 for a first offense. Convicted individuals also face a variety of additional expenses, such as the fee for license reinstatement, mandatory participation in a counselling program like Ontario’s "Back on Track," installation and maintenance costs for an ignition interlock device, and significantly increased insurance premiums for at least five years. Altogether, the total cost can run into tens of thousands of dollars.

How long does a DUI stay on your driving record in Canada?

A DUI conviction in Canada results in a criminal record that is permanent unless a pardon or record suspension is granted. Unlike administrative driving records, which may only reflect infractions for a certain period, a criminal record for DUI remains indefinitely and can have enduring effects on an individual's personal and professional life.

Still have questions?

If your question wasn't covered in our FAQs or if you need more specific guidance tailored to your situation, we're here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. Our team at TTAS is ready to provide you with the answers and support you need to navigate your traffic ticket concerns.

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