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What is the Commercial Vehicle Operator′s Registration System?

The Commercial Vehicle Operator′s Registration (CVOR) System is an automated monitoring system that tracks the on-road safety performance of commercial vehicle operators.

  • Carrier information (i.e. fleet size, commodity, violation rate, safety rating)
  • Convictions
  • Reportable accidents
  • Vehicle mechanical safety inspections
  • Ministry interventions (i.e. letters, interviews, audits and sanctions)

What appears on a Carrier CVOR Abstract?

Accidents, convictions and inspections appear on a Carrier CVOR Abstract and affect your points.


Reportable accidents are received by MTO from the police.

Accidents are assigned points based on the severity of the accident as denoted by codes and other information on the Motor Vehicle Accident Report. The codes represent information regarding improper driver action and/or condition and vehicle condition. The report may also include written information on charges laid.


An officer may lay a charge against a driver or carrier. Convictions resulting from charges are recorded on the carrier′s CVOR Record with point values based on safety severity.


An officer may conduct a mechanical inspection of a commercial vehicle. Vehicle defects that do not meet the minimum standard are considered out-of-service. When defects exceed the critical defect criteria, impoundment of the vehicle may occur.

Facility Audits

The results of an audit of a carrier′s compliance with safety-related legislation and regulations will be recorded on its CVOR Record. Audits conducted at the request of the carrier will be noted as such on the record.

Ministry Interventions and Sanctions

Ministry interventions and sanctions include disciplinary letters sent to the carrier, interviews, audits, and sanctions of fleet limitation, seizure of plates, suspension and/or cancellation of the carrier′s operating privileges.

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