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Involved in an Accident? Issued a Traffic Ticket?

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If you′ve been involved in an accident, and have been charged as a result, call us immediately.

At TTAS - TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES, we can asist you in this matter.

When the police investigate an accident, the investigator will apportion responsibility for the collision depending on the evidence that they gather at the scene of the accident.

This includes their examination of the physical evidence at the scene, such as the resting position of the vehicles, debris field, weather conditions, traffic volume and functionality and visibility of any and all traffic controls (such as stop signs or traffic lights). It also includes interviewing the parties involved in the accident and any independent witnesses.

Drivers find themselves being questioned by a Uniformed Police Officer, and they are asked for an explanation of what happened. Often a driver, who has been involved in an accident, is mentally distracted and it is unlikely that their explanation will be full, complete or even accurate.

Whatever is said will be a major factor in the officer′s decision as to who is responsible and whether or not an offence has been committed.

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