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Time is of the essence in fighting a traffic ticket

Doubts are normal but action is better, call us now!


A. Yes. A charge does not have to mean a conviction. A qualified, experienced agent can do the following:

  • Obtain a copy of disclosure, including police officers notes and witness statements.
  • Review the prosecution′s case for weaknesses and defects.
  • Argue successfully for the exclusion of evidence.
  • Retain the services of expert defense witnesses.
  • Prepare for, and conduct a trial.
  • Challenge the credibility or memory of witnesses who may testify against you.
  • Negotiate with the prosecution for the withdrawal of charges, a lesser charge, or a reduced sentence
  • Prepare your case for Traffic Court in the Ottawa / Ontario region.

Always ensure you are speaking to an agent who is experienced in motor vehicle law and Traffic Court in the Ottawa / Ontario region. Experienced agents are familiar with the issues surrounding the charges and the consequences you could face. An agent who is not experienced in motor vehicle law might miss an important issue that an experienced agent would recognize.

Our staff is familiar with Traffic Court in the Ottawa / Ontario region. There is no substitute for a qualified, experienced agent.. By calling TTAS -TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES, you can be assured that you are speaking to one.


A. The sooner the better. You can consult with or retain our services at any time. However, there may be evidence that needs to be preserved. A knowledgeable agent can alert you to what evidence should be collected immediately.

Q. Can I represent myself?

A. Legally, yes, but it is not recommended. Motor Vehicle law is complex, with increasingly harsh penalties. At TTAS - TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES we are familiar with all of the issues surrounding the charges, and the consequences you could face. Lack of expertise and knowledge could cause you to make critical and expensive mistakes. At TTAS -TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES we have the knowledge and experience that is essential to be successful.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. It costs nothing to pick up the phone and call TTAS - TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES. All consultations are FREE of charge and you are under no obligation. During the consultation, we will make an initial assessment of the case against you. Based on this assessment, we will quote you a fixed fee. At TTAS - TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES we are experienced and very good at what we do. We charge fair and competitive rates, but we are not a low cost alternative in the Ottawa / Ontario region.

Q. Should I plead guilty?

A. Never plead guilty without knowing the consequences of a guilty plea, they can be very serious. Consequences could include any combination of the following:

  • A fine(s).
  • A suspension of your drivers licence.
  • Jail time.
  • Indirectly, a substantial increase in the cost of insurance.

You might enter a guilty plea only to discover too late that you had an absolute defence to the charge(s), or that you could have pled guilty to a reduced charge.

Before you rush into anything, call TTAS - TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES for a free consultation. We will advise you of your options. If you still want to plead guilty in Traffic Court, you can always do so after you have spoken to us.

Q. Do I have to appear in court?

A. You will never be required to appear in Court, although in some situations your case may be enhanced if you are prepared to attend. In such circumstances you will be advised by TTAS -TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES. However, 90% of our clients are not required to make any appearances in Traffic court.

How to Fight your Traffic Ticket?

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