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Unfortunately, one of the most common ways that people come into contact with the legal system or law enforcement is through the issuance of a traffic ticket. No matter how careful of a driver you are, the odds are that you will eventually get one. The stress, inconvenience and financial impact that can follow the issuance of a traffic ticket are staggering. If you have received a traffic ticket, consulting with TTAS -TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

It rarely ever makes sense to plead guilty

BOB KUTLESA, founder

Upon my retirement from the Prosecutors Office, TTAS -TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES was created on the principle that my clients were ensured the best representation in court. At TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES we recognize that our clients’ success in court is directly related to our success as a company.

Years of Experience

At TTAS -TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES, our firm has years of experience in Provincial Offences Court, and we can utilize that experience and insight to ensure the best possible result for you.

TTAS -TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES has a well earned reputation for providing aggressive and high quality representation with an attention to detail and focus.

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